Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Read your notes along with Acts 21 and 22 and answer the following questions.

1. What was Paul's report when he visited James and the other believers? (2)

2. What rumours did James and the brothers told Paul they were hearing among the Jews?(2)

3. Outline what they told Paul to do to correct the rumour?(2)

4. What happened before Paul was through with the process of purification? (3)

5. What did they accused Paul of? (2)

6. What did the Jews tried to do with Paul? (1)

7. How was Paul saved? (1)

8. Paul gave a message to defend himself. List three points brought out in his message. (3)

9. What did the commander do with Paul to stop the crowd from killing him? (1)

10. Paul was about to be beaten in order to tell why the people wanted to kill him. What saved
him from receiving a good beating?(2)

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