Tuesday, January 27, 2009


9. The largest denomination in the Bahamas is:

A. The Anglican
B. The Catholic
C. The Baptist

10. ‘Mother Church’ could be referred to which one of the churches mentioned in your notes?

A. Bethel Baptist
B. Zion Baptist
C. Bahamas Baptist Union

11. A person responsible for protecting the property of the Baptist church is called a:

A. Deacon
B. Trustee
C. Pastor

12. The person who assists the pastor of a Baptist church in whatever way
(according to content) is known as a:

A. Deacon
B. Assistant Pastor
C. Trustee

13. The term convention is:

A. Grouping of all of the Pastors in the church, in order to keep them together
B. Grouping of all of the members in the church, in order to keep them together
C. Grouping of all Baptist churches, allowing them to operate as one denomination

14. Name two schools that were created by the Baptist denomination. (2)

15. Give three ways that the Baptist denomination contribute to the
society, other than education. (3)

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