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Who was Philip the Evangelist?

He was one of the seven helpers in the early Christian Church.
He had become an evangelist (someone who preach and draw men and women to Christ.)
He lived in Caesarea.

Who was Agabus?

He was a prophet who came from Judea to Caesarea.
He took Paul’s belt from him and ties his hands and feet and prophesied that Paul would suffer and be bound hand and feet in Jerusalem.

Who was Mnason?

He was an old Christians disciple from Cyprus.
Paul and his friends stayed with him on their way to Jerusalem.

Why did Paul took a vow of purification?

Paul took a vow of purification on the advice of James to convince the Jews that he still practiced the Jewish law according to Moses. He also did it to avoid problems with the Jews. Paul had to have the vow of purification done because he was sharing with the Jews as done in other chapters how God had accepted the Gentiles even though they were not circumcised. He let them know that it was not necessary for conversion. Some Jews thought that he was teaching other Jews against the law of circumcision, hence, he had to go through the process of purification.

What happen before the seven days of purification was up for Paul?

Jews from Asia when they saw Paul in the temple told other Jews to catch Paul, because he taught against Jewish law and defiled the temple by bringing Gentiles into it. The whole city was in an uproar, and people came running and grab Paul out of the temple. They wanted to kill Paul, but he was rescued by Roman soldiers


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