Wednesday, January 14, 2009


History of the Anglican Church in The Bahamas
It was stated that Anglicanism was introduced to the Bahamas by the Eleutherian Adventurers. However it was offically established in 1729 under Woodes Rodgers, the first Royal Governor of the Bahamas.

It is said that George Phenney organised the Christ Church vestry, which was responsible for building the Christ Church. Christ Church is the first Anglican church in the Bahamas. For quite a while, the Anglican church was known as the church of the 'white establishment'. This meant that the church focused on the white Bahamians with political and economic power. The Anglican church in the Bahamas was known as the state church because it use to be supported by the Government.

In 1875, the Anglican church became independent of the state. It was supported with tithes given by the members. It was now able to reach out to all Bahamians, regardless of color or economic background.


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mrs scott u gettin me confused now because these dates een right!!!!!

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