Monday, January 5, 2009


What happened after Paul was pulled out of the temple?
Paul was taken as a prisoner, bound in chains. The chief captain ask Paul who he was? When he heard Paul speaking in Greek, he accused him of being the Egyptian who led four thousand men out into the wilderness, which were murderers.

Paul requested permission to present his story before the people. He tried to prove to the Jewish people who were accusing him, that he was a Jew. He began by telling them that he was born in Tarsus a city in Cilicia. He even spoke to the people in Hebrew(the language of the Jews). He further tell them that he was schooled under Doctor Gamaliel. He told them that he always observed the law and in his ignorance he persecuted the Christians until he met Jesus on the Road to Damascus. He was not afraid to speak about Jesus as the Saviour. The people were so angry at him. They commanded that Paul be put to death.

The chief captain commanded his soldiers to bind Paul for beating. It was nomal for Romans to beat a confession out of the accused person. As Paul was being bound, he asked the centurion if he knew that it was against the Roman law to bind and flog a Roman citizen without a trial. The centurion became afraid and told that chief captain that Paul was a Roman citzen. Paul was loose and brought before the Sanhderin Council to find out the exact charges that were being brought against Paul.

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