Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The Baptist denomination is known as the largest in the Bahamas. It has contributed greatly in our Bahamian society in the form of Education and other community outreach.

Contribution to Education

In 1943 the Jordan Memorial School, in Chippingham (Nassau) was opened under Rev. Enoch Backford.

In 1961, Prince Williams High School was opened.

On October 3rd 1988, the Bahamas Baptist College was established-
The Bahamas Baptist College in 1995 was awarded (given permission to offer) the Associate of Arts Degrees by the Ministry of Education. This college was first organized under Rev. Dr. Charles W. Saunders.

C. W. Saunders High School.

Contribution to the Bahamian Society
The Baptist denomination in the Bahamas offer youth programs such as: The Royal

Ambassadors (Marching Band); United Christian Band (a community band), run by New Haven Covenant

Baptist Church; Summer Fest and Baptist Day, (held every third Sunday in October).

They offer a radio program call The Baptist Hour which is hosted by Pastor Patrick Smith. In addition, the Baptist denomination operates a Pension Plan for ministers, a Bookstore and a Seminary for the training of ministry.

Mother Church: The first church of the Baptist group (eg. Bethel Baptist Church)

Trustee: A person responsible in the Baptist church for securing church property

Deacon: A person who assist the pastor with his functions.

Convention: The grouping of Baptist churches in the organization that allow
them to operate as one Denomination

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