Thursday, April 2, 2009


How do the children celebrate the festival Shavvout?
The children celebrate Shavuot with summer flowers in their hair.

What is Sukkot about?
Sukkot is a celebration that is done in the autumn,(October-November). The Jews who left Egypt with Moses lived in tents in the desert. The tents did not provide much protection – they had to rely on God for protection.

Now that they were living in stone houses they did not want to forget how to still fully rely on God’s help. So, once a year they build huts to live in which they call sukkah, and decorate them with fruits to thank God for the autumn fruits.

How do they celebrate this festival?
They have parties, sukkah crawl (crawling from hut to hut), drink wine and eat fruits. The family eats their breakfast there and have fun. But they do not sleep in it.


What is this festival all about?
This festival comes at the end of Sukkot. It means ‘Rejoicing in the Law’. The Torah scrolls are carried around the synagogue 7 times. Everyone joins in with singing and dancing and praises to God.

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