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8. a. ii. It was rumour that Paul had taught Jews in foreign countries not to circumcise their
children and not to obey the law of Moses. He was encouraged to take the Nazarite vow
of purification to convince the Jews that he still practiced the law of Moses. This is why
he joined the four men.

b. i. Persons taking the Nazarite vow of purification was to go through ceremony for seven
days. During this time they were not to shave their hair or drink or eat anything from the
vine. They were not to touch any dead thing to make them unclean. At the end of the
seven days , they were to offering up and do the following: Enter the front of the
Tabarnacle and offer a burnt offering of a year old lamb without defects, a sin offering of a
year old ewe lamb without defects, a peace offeing of a ram with out defect, a basket of
unleaven bread a grain offering and a drink offering. His hair was then shaven at the
entrance of the Tabernacle and placed into the fire under the peace offering.

ii. Paul was arrested and accused of allowing a Gentile into the Temple. The Jews wanted to
have Paul killed, but the chief captain of the band sent soldiers and centurions to bound
Paul with chains and bring him into the fort.

c. You are to answer and be prepared to discuss in class.


3 JUNE 2002

a. Jesus' home town was Nazareth.

b. Two things that Jesus said he was anointed to do was to: l. Deliver those who are prisoners
to sin, 2. to give sight to those who cannot see, 3. to preach the good news to the poor,
4. to heal those who are broken hearted. (YOU MAY CHOOSE ANY TWO)

c. Some of the people were surprise to see how Jesus handled the reading of the prophecy.
Others asked "Isn't this Jesus the son of Joseph the carpartner, how can he be saying these
things to himself? They rejected Jesus.

d. Please answer this question and be prepared to discuss in class.

2. a. Jesus had twelve disciples

b. A disciple is a person who follow another person, he or she is a student of the one he/she

c. Jesus wanted disciples so that He could train them to carry on His work when he would
left this earth and return to heaven.

d. Please answer this question and be prepared to answer in class.

3. a. Jesus was in Caesarea Philippi when he asked his disciples the question.

b. The disciples resopnded by saying that some thought that he was John the Baptist, others
taught that he was Elijah or one of the prophets.

c. Peter told Jesus that He was the Messiah.

d. Jesus told them not to tell anyone that He was the Messiah.

e. Jesus began to tell the disciples how he would be put to death. Peter told him not to speak the
way he was speaking. Jesus rebuked Peter by saying "Get behind me, Satan!" he said. "You do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men."


4. a. Herod was the king when Jesus was born.

b. Levi Matthew was a tax collector.

c. The woman with an issue of blood was sick for twelve years.

d. The elder son was upset because he had not cause his father any heart ache,
he never left his father's side. His father never threw a party for him;
instead he threw a party for the rebellious son.

e. Jesus told Peter to follow him, he was asking him to be a disciple of his,
learn from him.

f. The main character in the book of Acts is Paul.

g. The early church had every thing in common, meant that they spent time
studying and praying together. Those who had sold what they had to help
others who were in need. They were on one accord.

h. A enuch is a man who has had his testicles removed

i. Peter learned that God loves all people and had created all man equal. The
Gospel was not only for the Jews,but for all people, regardless of colour, race
or nationality.

j. Saul was on his way to Damascus to persecute the christians.

k. The Pharisees were Jewish religious group who believed and practice the law
of Moses. They believed in the resurrection of Jesus. On the other hand, the
Sadducees were also a Jewish group who only believed in the law of Moses.
However, they did not believe in angels and resurrection to life.

l. Paul told the Jailor that he needed to believe on Jesus and be baptized.

m. Bahamas Baptist Association, Bethel Baptist Association, Morning Star
Baptist Association, (YOU CAN CHOOSE ANY TWO).

n. The Pentecostal Church is associated with the day of Pentecost.

o. Two denominations are: Anglican and Catholic. Leader of Anglican is a Bishop
the leader of the Catholic church is the Pope.

p. Two denominations with which a priest is associated is the Anglican and the
Catholic church.

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