Friday, March 6, 2009


Students you are to read the information under the topic “Pentecostal Churches” from your text books and answer the following questions.

1. How did the Pentecostal Movement come to the Bahamas? (3)

2. How was the first Pentecostal church established? (2)

3. How was the Pentecostal movement born? (3)

4. Name three churches that are Pentecostal. (3)

5. What is the belief of the Pentecostal church? (4)

6. What is the motto of the Bahamas Pentecostal fellowship church?(4)

7. What are the objectives of the Pentecostal Church? (5)

8. List five ways by which the Pentecostal church contributes to the Bahamian society? (5)

9. List two forms or ways by which the Pentecostals worship. (2)


Anonymous said...

ya ya c....di dnt even hav no notez on dese questions bey!!! syke aye!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Scott,

Great site, first time viewing it and I have a few questions:

What text book are you referring too?

This is a 9G1 student's mom and would like to know how else can I contact you regarding his performance.

Can past assignment still be turned in if he were to complete outstanding work?

I await your response,
Thanks and Regards,