Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Circle the letter with the correct answer.

1. The founder of the Methodism is

A. John Kesley
B. Joseph Pinder
C. John Wesley

2. Who was responsible for bringing Methodism to the Bahamas and in which year?

A. Joseph Wesley in 1786
B. Joseph Paul in 1786
C. Joseph Pinder in 1786

3. Which religion did the Methodist church split from?

A. The Baptist religion
B. The Catholic religion
C. The Anglican religion

4. A small group or unit within the Methodist church that meet regularly for Bible study is call a

A. Circuit
B. A District
C. A Class

5. Being independent of an outside control, self governed is known as

A. Automatic
B. Autonomy
C. A Society

6. A group of churches in one area is called

A. a congregation
B. a district
C. a circuit

7. A group of circuits is called a

A. a district
B. a society
C. a class

8. Which of the following best defines a society in the Methodist church?

A. The name given to a local Methodist church
B. A group of churches in one area
C. Being independent of outside control


9. List the five universals which is the bedrock of Methodism.(5)

10. Name three schools through which the Methodist contributes to the education of the
Bahamian society. (3 )

11. What contribution do they make in general to the Bahamian society? (2)

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